How To Purchase/Hold a Foal

- PERCHERON foals and PERCHERON CROSSBRED foals will be listed under FOALS FOR SALE

- When you pick the foal you want to purchase, contact us at The foal(s) will be marked pending beside their name until which time your deposit (at least 50% of the purchase price of the foal) and purchase agreement are received. Foals will be sold on a first come 1st serve basis. A foal will not be put on pending or held status if a buyer is interested but has not committed 100%. The purchase agreement must be returned along with the deposit. We will allow 3 days to receive email notification along with a tracking number showing a deposit has been sent. If no tracking number is received within 3 days the foal will return to available status on the website.

- Please use Priority mail with Delivery Confirmation to send your deposit and Purchase Agreement.

- Deposits can be made by Paypal, certified checks, bank drafts, any financial institution issued international money order, US or Canadian wire if the buyer's financial institute and State will allow wires for purchase of live animlas. We also do etransfer within Canada. NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR POSTAL MONEY ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

- Make payment method payable to CHARLESWOOD PERCHERONS

- Mail deposit and Purchase Agreement to:
Kent and Marnie Anderson
RR 2
Pilot Mound, Manitoba, Canada
R0G 1P0

- Once the deposit and Purchase Agreement have been received then the foal will be marked HELD.

- We will be working with qualified transporters to help arrange transportation and foal drop offs at various locations in Canada and USA. We will do our best to accommodate the delivery of a foal within a reasonable distance to your location. For more information on transportation and rates see our TRANSPORTATION information.

- Full payment of foal(s) and transportation fees (if applicable) are due by August 23, 2024. Remember that your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE, and if your fees are not paid in full by the deadlines indicated, the foal with not be scheduled for transport, and will be offered for sale to another buyer.

- IF you have any questions, please email us

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