Our Mares

Our herd consists of approximately 75 Percheron Mares which have been the result of a 35-year breeding program.

One of the first foundation mares that arrived at the farm was "Laet Jean" who was purchased at the Toronto Royal Fair in 1973 by Ken and Audrey Wilson.

The following is a list of bloodlines you can find in our mare herd. These can be seen on the Canadian Livestock Records Webpage. Many of the mares are listed under the prefix "Charleswood".

  • Double G Jacob
  • Master Charge
  • Maverick
  • Ostralien's Arbitrator
  • Valley View Jr
  • Marcel Chief
  • Rebel Rex
  • McGee
  • Valley Vista Knightime
  • MG's Monarch
  • Valley View Roc
  • Justamere Showtime
  • T-Viking Jazz Roc
  • Foremark Forest Pride
  • Lo Lynd Joe Laet
  • Kirby's Mac of East Hawksbury
  • Highview Dragano
  • Robin Lawn's Thunder Rumbles
  • MG's Prince
  • Sterling's Thunderstick
  • Che-DA-Weta Bentley
  • DID
  • Konot's Big Major
  • Wadella Chance
  • Ebony of Glynlea
  • Eltone Farm's Jack Daniels
  • DA-KA Big Major
  • Oakstone Fallstaff
  • R.H.B. Cantell
  • Shelter Lane Main Man
  • Blizzard
  • Black Hollow Stoney
  • Torge Ridge
  • Ryan Day Diamond Ernie Dragano
  • Hidden Lake Logan
  • Blackhome Grandeur Lyn


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